Quick update

Every interaction you have that causes an emotion inside the environment you are in can make you sick or healthy, depending if they are positive for you or not and how you react to it. Knowing yourself more can lead you to aim for better, get more depressed or remain the same. We always want … Continue reading Quick update

Relativeness in the awakening process.

I have noticed that the more connected we are to a person the more they influence our lives. We are connected to people even if we denied them or not talk with them at all. Like we have desirable connections that aren't in alignment with who we are, but who we fantasize, desire or aspire … Continue reading Relativeness in the awakening process.

How we shipped seven million roses 🌹 for Valentine’s Day!

The meaning. Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate love ❤️ Not only couple love but of every kind. Sometimes we get so busy with our jobs in our daily lives that we forget to show appreciation for our loved ones. Also not every day you can give or send a present for those special … Continue reading How we shipped seven million roses 🌹 for Valentine’s Day!

Dealing with health issues

Where to start?! This is something to talk about. And I think we all should be listening more. But what brought me to talk about health? Look I see everyday people who are in agony and pain, even ones that look healthy on the outside are suffering with different uncomfortable things in their body. It … Continue reading Dealing with health issues

Loving someone

Loving someone is a gift that we must embrace. Every act of love comes out from a true desire to explore the other person's feelings and letting them into our life to be explored by them. Finding similarities and polarities, seeing what is in them and letting them see what is in you with or … Continue reading Loving someone

I am happy in the present moment.

I'm happy just feeling my body and the energy, the good energy that surrounds me and flows from my inside to my outside. Expanding to my surroundings in to the space. It feels like warms waves of pure intention and divine force. It feels like I give as I am open to receive. It feel … Continue reading I am happy in the present moment.