Some thoughts on human evolution.

Since watching this pandemic expand, I have seen people cases and how they blame this virus for taking the lives of their relatives. I have seen news, media, and institutions to go and push tests and vaccines like if our lives were depending on it. When we suffer so much a lost, feels kind of … Continue reading Some thoughts on human evolution.

Empowerment through simplicity

I am responsible for my thoughts and emotions, we all are. Noticing a new symptom immediately leads my brain to wonder if the leukemia has relapsed. This is quickly followed by worry and a host of other emotions. This is a normal reaction. It is at this point that I realise that I'm in my … Continue reading Empowerment through simplicity

How To Make Your Own Tooth Powder

Make this remedy for tooth decay with only 7 ingredients. I wanted to share this with you all because I think a lot of people need to know that there are alternatives when it comes to our health. In this case our oral health is the theme here and how to make a good solution … Continue reading How To Make Your Own Tooth Powder