Un mes completo comiendo crudo 😍💚🌱

Hola 👋 cómo están?! Espero que bien 😊 Hoy se culmina el mes que he comido completamente crudo! Sii 🙌 Febrero te amo 🥰 Me siento agradecida por este logro. Gracias 🙏 Todo el mes de febrero ha sido de comida cruda vegana. Exceptuando una que otra probada de miel 🍯. Y escribiendo yo misma … Continue reading Un mes completo comiendo crudo 😍💚🌱

Finding Your Life Purpose – Aligning with God’s Plan

Now more than ever we need to be asking ourselves the very important question: “What am I doing with my energy?” Most people in society are using their energy to work jobs that they don’t enjoy, for corporations that harm the planet, so that they can use their hard-earned money to consume things that are … Continue reading Finding Your Life Purpose – Aligning with God’s Plan

The Battle for Your Mind

"Your mind is not who you are" any more than your foot or your elbow is who you are… your mind needs to be trained just like you train your lungs and legs to play soccer. The mind is influenced all the time by television, friends, what you read, where you live, etc... Much of … Continue reading The Battle for Your Mind

Pereza o Relajación?

Hay una gran diferencia entre vagancia y relajamiento. No hay nada que me atrae mucho de la pereza, es simplemente tontería, distracción y olvido. Pero relajamiento es bueno. Solo estar en silencio, alerto y consciente del momento, estar en meditación, centrado con la vida y con lo que sucede - no sucede. De la pereza … Continue reading Pereza o Relajación?

Benefits of Raw Vegan Living Food – Choosing Life

Every species on earth has its own species-specific diet. Cows eat grass. Hummingbirds drink nectar. Worms eat dirt. We can't expect cows to eat dirt, or hummingbirds to eat grass, or worms to drink nectar and thrive. Just like all other species, humans have an optimal diet that, when adhered to, gives rise to optimum … Continue reading Benefits of Raw Vegan Living Food – Choosing Life

The Power of Conscious Breathing

No matter how complex our problems might seem, the solutions remain incredibly simple. They are so simple, in fact, that they are contained within our own bodies and are following us in every moment of our lives, just waiting to be discovered. Our breath is one such solution, so I would like to share with … Continue reading The Power of Conscious Breathing


Surrender may sound weak or like giving up. It's not. If you have had a child, you’ve probably experienced an “I can do it myself” stage. There will be a moment when you are doing something and she will want to help. Maybe you’ll be moving something heavy by sliding it across the floor. You’ll … Continue reading Surrender.

To be in the cocoon.

To be in the cocoon Is easy You have to make it simple The days of caterpillar have passed Now you have been guided to The new facet It is the love convolution Where you surround yourself with All kinds of power Where you connect with the deepest Meaning of life You go into your … Continue reading To be in the cocoon.